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"The Future of Health Care: New Concepts - New Technologies"

About the Bavarian Summer School 2017

In Summer 2017 the Lutheran University of Applied Sciences Nürnberg and the Technical University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden are inviting to the two week interdisciplinary Summer School "The Future of Health Care: New Concepts - New Technologies". In the last decade health care services have been facing multiple and complex challenges with regards to the demands of an ageing society and complex requirements in infection control. There is consensus that innovative technologies and digitalisation are playing a key role in achieving efficient and effective health care delivery on a high-quality level for European citizens. Nurses are the ´largest professional group within health care. Therefore, collaboration between engineers and nurses as well as between industry and universities are of utmost importance and need to be promoted. The language of the International Summer School will be English enabling fourty students from the fields of nurisng and health as well as medical and engineering specialities to exchange on, understand and learn about the following current issues the health care sector is facing:

  • Digitalisation
  • Infection control
  • Ageaing society

Learning together in an international group fosters the participants ability to develop ideas for innovative technologies in health care whilst considering socio-cultural, ethical and professional aspects as well as differences in health care systems. The Bavarian Summer School takes place at Nuremberg and Weiden. Both regions combine a beautifull historical setting in a strong economic region with leading high tech companies and institutions in the health care industry.
Lecturers will give an overview of their current research and development projects:

  • Importance of technology for helath care delivery in the 21th century
  • Philosophy of technology and ethical evaluation of socio-technical arrangements
  • Infection control
  • Technical innovations with regard to the following topics:

   - Management of delirium in intensive care units
   - Control of nosocomial infections and patient room design
   - Dwelling forms and living arrangements for care dependend older people
   - Ambient assisted living and smart-home technology

In follow-on seminars these four topics will be discussed. The students interprofessional skills will be fostered through interdisciplinary group work on four case studies. Each group will hava to seek for an innovative solution within one of the above mentioned clinical fields. The results of the group discussions will be presented in a final competition of ideas to which representatives of the Bavarian health care sector and industry will be invited.

Visits to cooperating health care institutions as well as to indsutry partners will illustrate best practice. 

Certificate of participation with 3 ECTS.

This project has been funded with support from the Bavarian State Minstry of Education, Science and the Arts and of vbw - The Bavarian Industry Association.

Im Sommersemester 2021 bietet die EVHN kein Summer School an.

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