Health and Care Education (B.A.)

The Health and Care Education program prepares graduates for expert positions in nursing pedagogy and the health care field by instruction that is both practice-oriented and academic and by supporting practice-oriented research and development tasks to enable well-founded and methodical professionalism in later positions. 

Requirement for enrolment is a two-year vocational training in the health sector. 


Objectives and career prospects

Graduates will be able to act independently and on the basis of academic knowledge and scientific methods

  • in their later positions as teachers;
  • in positions in the pedagogical field within health care or general further education. 


Curriculum includes

  • Pedagogical practice
  • Foundations of health and nursing science
  • Ethics and anthropology
  • Advanced study of professional subjects

For questions please contact the Head of the Programm

Studiengangsleitung Gesundheits- und Pflegepädagogik
0911 27253-839
V2.15 - 2.OG