Child Development, Education, and Health - Dual Study Program (B.A.)

This study program is in cooperation with vocational schools(Berufsfachschulen)

This degree program is offered in cooperation with vocational schools (Berufsfachschulen). It therefore combines academic study with vocational training leading to the qualification as a state-certified child/youth care worker.

Objectives and career prospects

It qualifies graduates to work in various fields of childhood development, education, and health, for example:

  • In kindergartens, day care, and after school care (children 0-12 years)
  • As experts advising in development and educational establishments
  • Leading child care establishments and overall direction of umbrella organisations for child care establishments
  • Childhood counselling
  • Implementing profiling for church-based child care establishments and competencies in religious education
  • Social work in schools
  • Teaching in professional/vocational schools or academies for social education and continuous learning or professional development


Curriculum includes

  • Analysis and examination of theories, research, and application in practice
  • Analysis and development of education and developmental processes as well as preventive approaches for children aged 0 to 12 years using current scientific knowledge and within social contexts
  • Examination of questions related to needs-based planning as well as with institutions, service providers, and organisational structures
  • Practical evaluation and development in developmental and educational processes
  • Community networking and social orientation
  • Development of competencies in counselling, organisation, leadership, and team development
  • Evaluation and analysis of central issues in Christian ethics and theology

For questions please contact the Head of the Programm

Studienangsleiterin BA Kindheitspädagogik: Erziehung, Bildung und Gesundheit im Kindesalter Dual
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