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International Office

The International Office promotes student mobility and encourages study abroad. Intercultural learning and experience is gained by participating in practical and regular semesters abroad, special courses or language courses at universities abroad, writing a final thesis at an organization or company abroad, or by participating in a study tour.

“Incomers” – students from abroad, who are on our campus – are assisted by the International Office as well. The International Office also advises instructors on funding programs, international projects, and in building networks or networking with international contacts and establishing partners. The International Office also manages stipends and identifies and presents opportuni- ties for grants and stipends.

EVHN students may take courses that are offered by the Language Center at the Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm – which range across 16 languages in over 100 courses – at no charge.

International Office - Information for incoming students abroad

International Office
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International Office
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Student Records Offices

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