Study Programme in English

for the students of our partner universities

The Lutheran University of Applied Sciences (Evangelische Hochschule Nürnberg - EVHN) in Nuremberg offers an English-language study programme in each semester, that is open to all of the students at the EVHN and all students at our partner universities.

The Lutheran University of Applied Sciences will issue a certificate of participation that will include the respective ECTS-points for all courses that have been visited from students of partner universities and colleges that are based in foreign countries. For EVHN students their coursework will be recognized in accordance with the requirements of their study programmes.

The programs may vary each semester and include seminars like:
• Scientific work
• Intercultural and interreligious dialogue
• Human ressource management in social enterprises
• Social institutions in international comparisson
• Future orientation of Social Work
• Digitalisation in Social Work
• Action fields and methodical practice in Social Work
• Cooperation and networking in Social Work
• Poverty and Health

The range of courses enables students to learn in international contexts and offers in addition the opportunity to engage in personal and academic exchange with students from other countries in an international group. The students also have the chance to reactivate or improve their own English skills, as well as to further develop their intercultural competence. Even though the courses are held in English you don’t need to worry. The teachers know that the groups will be diverse!