Master Advanced Nursing Practice (M.Sc.) - full-time

The Advanced Nursing Practice (ANP) master’s degree program builds on the curriculum in preceding degree programs such as Nursing Care (Dual Study Program) and qualifies graduates for more extensive and specialised professional requirements in practical care fields. Specialisations in either Acute Care or Psychiatric Care lead to qualifications for specific and more comprehensive tasks in specific health care sectors.


Objectives and career prospects

Graduates of the program are qualified to:

  • work as care experts, assess and evaluate complex situations and autonomously make clinical decisions;
  • direct and improve nursing processes in specialised areas;
  • advise and professionally lead teams and staff;
  • work in organisations in the fields of health promotion, risk management, diagnostics and assessment, education, advising, and case and discharge management.


Curriculum includes

  • Clinical assessment
  • Foundations of Advanced Nursing Practice
  • Various health and healthcare systems as context factors of Advanced Nursing Practice
  • Core competencies for ANP (ability to make ethical decisions and to contribute to ethical decision-making processes, professional behaviour in interdisciplinary teams, leadership and professional competence, solid knowledge of scientific methods and the ability to establish, test, evaluate and lead an evidence-based care practice)
  • In the specialisations, psychiatric care and acute care, advanced content in the respective field will be mastered and extended, in order to equip graduates with expertise and know-how to function as care experts in future practice. 


For questions please contact the Head of the Programm

Professorin für Pflegewissenschaft
0911 27253-814
V 3.9 - 3. OG