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Master of Social Management (M.S.M.) – part-time professional program

The Master’s study program in Social Management focuses on leadership and management functions in social enterprises. Students with professional backgrounds that are not management oriented will join the field of social management. Students with management backgrounds – such as business administration – will learn the special requirements and character of the social service sector. 


Objectives and career prospects

  • Graduates of the Master of Social Management program qualify for the following:
  • Management in the social and health sector
  • Support activities and assistance in the management of large organisations
  • Academic and conceptual responsibilities and tasks in the public and private sector
  • To apply for a doctoral program
  • Access to higher-level public service positions in public administration


Curriculum includes

  • Theoretical, ethical, and international aspects of social management
  • Legal foundations of management
  • Social politics, micro politics, and organisational development
  • Economic foundations of management in social organisations and businesses
  • Communication
  • Quality management, quality assurance in praxis research
  • Personnel management and human resources
  • Master’s thesis

For questions please contact the Head of the Programm

Studiengangsleiter Master Sozialmanagement, Bachelor Sozialwirtschaft, Bachelor Sozial- und Gesundheitswirtschaft
0911 27253-800
V3.23 - 3. OG