Institute for Innovative Addiction Treatment and Addiction Research

The Institute for Innovative Addiction Treatment and Addiction Research (ISS) was founded in summer 2012. It is located at the Lutheran University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg. 

The main focus of the ISS is the development, dissemination and study of programs that aim at the reduction (but not necessarily abstinence) of substance use and addictive behaviors. The spectrum of interest encompasses legal and illegal drugs as well as addictive behaviors (like pathological gambling and compulsive internet use). With this perspective in mind, the ISS’ final goal is to transform the abstinence oriented German treatment system into one that offers treatment options and thereby is more attractive for people who thrive for abstinence as well as those who want to cut-down but are not able or willing to live abstinent. 

The ISS is developing self-help manuals for people with problem substance use, creates training programs for staff in the field of addiction treatment and works with teams and their managers to guide the process of implementation of innovative treatment approaches. 

Additionally the ISS gives presentations, conducts workshops, writes expert’s reports and conducts research projects for non-profit and private institutions.

Our work bases upon a view of other people (“Menschenbild”) that respects and fosters their autonomy (e.g. in goal setting) and trusts in their wisdom to come to “good decisions”. 

Portfolio of the ISS

  • Development of programs for guided self-change (e.g. self-help materials for step-by-step reduction of alcohol consumption [“controlled drinking”])
  • Development of training programs and materials for addiction professionals working with clients who want to cut down their use of legal and illegal drugs (e.g. program “KISS” = Competence in Self-Determined Substance Use”)
  • Development of prevention programs to enable adolescents to handle psychoactive drugs and addiction-prone behaviors (like compulsive internet use) in a responsible way (“KISS-School”)
  • Use of Motivational Interviewing as a basic competence in working with people with addiction problems, especially those are not willing to live abstinent
  • Guidance of implementation processes in addiction treatment centers
  • Expert’s reports for selected topics in the field of addiction (e.g. concerning risky substance use among adolescents)

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