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Foreign Students


Thank you for your interest in the Evangelische Hochschule Nuremberg, University of Applied Sciences, in Nuernberg - welcome to this small yet vivid university. All are welcome to study at our university, irrespective of ideology or religious background.

EVHN is a university with over 1500 students and about 40 professors which is under the auspices of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria. Thus it is a private university, however with the full academic acknowledgement and accreditation by the Bavarian Ministry of Sciences, Research and the Arts. 

The EVHN offers a personal atmosphere , small classes, easy contact to professors. Student involvement in the university affairs is an important aspect. As a Christian university besides professional teaching, research, management and leadership we stress:

  • individuality and human dignity
  • appreciation, openness and respect
  • nurturance of personal gifts and talents
  • gender equality

At EVHN besides scientific knowledge and practical competence, individual growth is a very important objective. We are committed to: academic excellence, quality standards, diversity, personal attention, values, innovation.

The city of Nuremberg
Nuernberg itself is a vivid city with an impressive history. It was founded in the year 1050. The castle and the old city are tourist attractions as well as the two cathedrals, the many old churches and cloisters. It is full of art and museums, the citizens come from many different cultural backgrounds. It is a city between Nazi-history and human rights.

What is a "Hochschule"?
In comparison to the traditional form of the university with its focus on academic training and research Fachhochschulen = universities of applied sciences put their emphasis on practical orientation. The overall objective is to offer scientific knowledge and practical transfer. 
The degrees gained at universities of applied sciences qualify specifically for occupations in the field of commerce, technology, social work etc. depending on the programmes offered.

A degree in a master programme qualifies for leading positions and for entering a doctoral programms.
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Please note: All lectures are conducted almost exclusively in German!


  • Applied Sciences in Nursing and Health, B.Sc. (part-time program, for professionals)
  • Child Development, Education, and Health (Dual Study Program), B.A.
  • Diakonik (Christian Social Work), B.A.
  • Health and Care Education, B.A.
  • Health and Care Management, B.A.
  • Nursing Care (Dual Study Program), B.Sc.
  • Religious Education and Christian Adult Education, B.Ed.
  • Social Business Administration, B.A.
  • Social Work, B.A.
  • Special Needs Education, B.A.


  • Advanced Nursing Practice, M.Sc. (planned)
  • Applied Educational Sciences, M.A.
  • Economics in Social and Health Services, M.A.
  • Social Management, M.S.M.

Program Start

All bachelor study programs and the master program in Social Management begin in the winter semester
(1 October) each year; the master programs in Applied Educational Sciences and Economics in Social and Health Services begin in the summer semester (15 March) each year.

Specific information on the different course require- ments and career information for each study program is available in the program brochures (in German) at the following address:

You will also find detailed information about admission requirements, how to apply, and deadlines.

Certificates and admissions condition

For detailed admission conditions and necessary language certificates please read our english sites carefully.