Research in practice for practice
Four institutes are affiliated to the Evangelische Hochschule Nürnberg.

The Institute for Research and Evaluation in church, social and educational areas is a service pool for church and social organisations, as well as companies and education institutions. It realises practical research and evaluation projects, offers counselling on quality assurance and quality development, moderates self-evaluation processes and accompanies pilot projects in practice.

The Institute for Gerontology and Ethics wishes to contribute to comprehending the problems of the elderly and to develop application-oriented solutions. Particular emphasis is placed on the challenges regarding care for the elderly based on Christian thought.

The main focus of the Institute for Innovative Addiction Treatment and Addiction Research (ISS)  is the development, dissemination and study of programs that aim at the reduction (but not necessarily abstinence) of substance use and addictive behaviors. The spectrum of interest encompasses legal and illegal drugs as well as addictive behaviors (like pathological gambling and compulsive internet use). With this perspective in mind, the ISS’ final goal is to transform the abstinence oriented German treatment system into one that offers treatment options and thereby is more attractive for people who thrive for abstinence as well as those who want to cut-down but are not able or willing to live abstinent.

The Social Science Institute for Research and Transfer (SWIFT) supports further development of social services and organizations, based on professional and scientific expertise, economic sustainability and ethical reflection. The Institute offers research and development projects as well as consultancy services aiming at a knowledge transfer among theory, research and practice.

In addition, lecturers at our university carry out research projects.

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