Master Studies
The Evangelische Hochschule Nürnberg offers four part-time Master Degree programs (for details please see menue on the left):

The Master’s program in Applied Educational Sciences (M.A.) presents specialised professionals and senior management the opportunity to qualify themselves as experts for educational processes and contexts. The degree qualifies recipients to apply to doctoral programs and for specific specialised and leadership functions, in accord with the recipient’s preceding qualifications.

The part-time Master’s degree program Economics in Social and Health Services (M.A.) aims to equip students with the tools to manage social and health care work effectively and efficiently, while maintaining respect for social responsibility.

The Master of Adult Education (M.A.) program qualifies leaders of educational institutions, independent trainers and instructors, as well as consultants for human resource development and continuing education.

The Master of Social Management (M.S.M.) program focuses on the question of how such a “new specialization” in social work can be established and be methodologically applied to the conflicting aspects of economic requirements and legal as well as ethical norms.

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