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Economics in Social and Health Services (M.A.) - part-time professional program

Please note: This Master program is not offered anymore for first year Master students from summer term 2023 on

The Master’s study program in Economics in Social and Health Services aims to equip students with the tools to manage social and health care services effectively and efficiently, while maintaining respect for social responsibility.


Objectives and career prospects

The degree qualifies recipients for positions in the global market, such as:

  • Executive leadership roles in the social service and health care sector
  • High-level professionals for specific tasks in controlling, funding and financing models, case and care management systems, marketing, and human resource management
  • Development of quality management systems
  • Application for a doctoral program


Curriculum includes

  • Quantitative methods in economics
  • Business ethics
  • Philosophy of economics
  • Microeconomic theory, legal forms and taxation
  • Macroeconomic theory and labour law
  • Service development in social and health economics
  • Trends in social and health economics
  • Entrepreneurship and business model development in the field of social services and healthcare
  • Strategic corporate management
  • Specialisation

For questions please contact the Head of the Programm

Studiengangsleiter MWW
0178 1300 371
V 3.3 - 3. OG